Policies and Guarantees

Packaging -

All items are supplied with gift packaging which includes a box (size varies according to the item) 


Postage -

There is an additional charge for postage. 


Guarantees -

Please remember that this jewellery is handcrafted and some wire elements get damaged if not handled with some care and stored carefully.  I use professional quality silver wire which is hallmarked where required according to the amount of silver used to make the piece.  Although I guarantee my craftsmanship, excessive wear (including bending, stretching, snagging, pulling and even dirt build-up) can compromise wire strength.  It is a similar principle to a twist tie that breaks after too many twists.


If your jewellery breaks or becomes damaged then please contact me.  I will evaluate it and advise you on the repairs needed.  If I cannot replace the exact components, I will create a similar design.  Depending on the nature and cause of the damage, some charges may apply.  For example any manufacturing flaw will not result in a charge but damage due to excessive wear and tear, or impact, may result in charges (including postage if relevant)


Bracelets are particularly prone to damage because of how they are worn and how much we use our hands and arms.  Bead components can chip, crack or shatter with impact.   Bracelets can catch on things and repeated pulling can break jewellery wire.  They also tend to get the most dirt and oil build up (which can cause kinks and breakage), so keeping them clean and storing safely when not worn can help with this.


It is advisable not to wear any jewellery to bed or during any water-based activities like swimming or in the shower/bath.


I buy wire from suppliers in good faith that it is in fact 925 solid silver wire.  Where the item has been hallmarked then this is guaranteed but items like earrings and some necklaces generally do not require hallmarking.  


Some useful care instructions -

  • Sterling silver tarnishes naturally.  Storing your jewellery in sealed plastic bags slows the tarnishing process
  • Clean and polish silver and other precious metals with an appropriate silver cleaning polishing cloth.
  • Store beaded necklaces and bracelets flat to reduce stretching
  • Cosmetics, household cleaners, chlorine, chemicals and sweat can discolour and damage your jewellery
  • Avoid impact and store jewellery separately to avoid scratching.  Be careful not to drop your jewellery on hard flooring as crystal and bead components may chip or shatter
  • Avoid prolonged sunlight exposure and extreme temperatures
  • A mild soap and water solution (using acid-free washing-up detergent) can be effective for cleaning silver jewellery.  Do not use soap and water with soft porous gems such as amber, coral, jade, kunzite, lapis lazuli, opal, turquoise (not necessarily a complete list) or pearls.  Always dry jewellery thoroughly as water residue may promote tarnish and dirt build-up